My Formula 5000
Teddy Pilette is a third generation racing driver. His grandfather
Theodora finished fifth in the 1913 Indianapolis 500 driving a
Mercedes-Knight and was a member of the Mercedes racing team in
1914. Pilette’s father, Andrea, now runs a racing drivers school and
drove in Grand Prix races in the late ‘50s. Pilette captured the
European Formula 5000 championship titles in 1973 and 1975; the
former driving a Team V.D.S. Chevron and in 1975 piloting a semi-
works Team V.D.S. Lola T400. V.D.S. patron, Count Van der Straten
has supported Pilette’s racing efforts since the mid-1960s and
provided him first with Alfa saloons and sports cars and later a Lola
T70 and Can-Am McLaren for Interserie racing, turning his attention to
Formula 5000 cars in 1972. Pilette is considered an outstanding driver
in the rain.
Teddy Pilette
Photo & Profile 1976
Residents,  Brussels, Belgium
Born July 26, 1942
Teddy does make a brief appearance
in our
1976 movie close to the end.