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My Formula 5000
Welcome to My Formula 5000, a web site devoted to all drivers, cars and
race events conducted in North America from 1967-1976.  In 1967, a
nationwide racing series was inaugurated by the Sports Car Club America
that was to lead to the first true American road racing formula, a formula
that was quick to be adopted worldwide.  The series began as the SCCA
Grand Pix Championship for open wheel, single-seat racers of foreign
origin called Formula B and C cars, the engine size determining the class.  
In 1968, American-manufactured 5-liter (305 cubic inch), stock block V8
engines were introduced, although the series was still open to Formula B
and C machines.  Thus was born the first American road racing formula.  
The series, titled the Continental Championship, mushroomed to 13
events in 1969.  In 1972, engines where limited strictly to 5000cc/305cid
powered cars.  For the 1970 through 1973 seasons, the Continental 5000
Championship carried sponsorship from L&M cigarettes.  Then in 1974,
the United States Auto Club joined the SCCA in sanctioning the series,
which also allowed USAC's star drivers to compete in their"championship"
classed cars. Although most of the information is from my own collection,
I would like to thank "Wolfgang Klopfer" for permission to quote from his
book "Formula A and Formula 5000 in America Race by Race" in my
continuing research.  
Kurt Engelmann
A big "Thank you" to the following photographers, drivers
and donors whose photos and memorabilia appear
throughout the site.

David Hutson          Tony "a2z" Adamowicz        Phil Henny
Ed Lloyd                  Mark Manroe                      Larry Webb  
Nick England           Bob Pengraph                    Tom Ratzlaff   
Robert Graham       Jerry Entin                           Ron Grable
Mark Windecker      Ken Bedford                        Mike Feisst
Luke Lundquist       Carmen Entin                       Lyle Forsgren
Victor Oliver            Gus Hutchison                     Peter Ellenbogen
Eric Haga                Richard Janes, Jr.                Kenneth C. Jones
Robert Fischetti      Seb Coppola                        Pat Lomax
Rick Vendl               Jim Hawes                           Steve Johnson
Jim Knerr                 Paul J. Dudiak                     Barry Blackmore
Jim Gustafson          Doug Schellinger                Jon Hromada
Davey Jordan          Steve Bedford
Edwin Ingalls            Ron Miller

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